Class Selections 2018-2019

During the 2018-2019 season, we are offering the following classes:

First Hour Classes

Use these guidelines from our chapter to help determine what class level fits your needs the best. If you have any questions, please contact the instructors. If you're new, you can contact them through our informational email, 

Recorder Basics    

DeeDee Heyer

Do you know someone who might enjoy learning how to play the recorder? We strive to work with beginners in a stress-free environment that can be very rewarding to someone embarking on this new musical adventure. Learn a few fundamental notes and you’ll be playing simple melodies in no time. Knowing how to read music is not required, since for those persons who do not read music, we can help them start from step one. This class is also available to those wishing to switch from soprano to alto or tenor recorder. Bring a friend!

Strengthening Your Recorder Skills . . .and attacking your weaknesses

Liz Seely

In this class we will work to increase facility and enjoyment of the recorder by addressing physical skills (breath control, finger dexterity, etc.) together with musical skills (rhythm stability, sense of phrasing, etc.). We will use both c and f fingerings, thus providing an opportunity to learn a new fingering (if that’s not part of your skill set already). Practice at home will be essential if you hope to make progress.

Advanced Technique Class

Marian Henry

For SATB. This is your opportunity to take your playing to the next level. We will look for ways to transform playing notes into playing music by being aware of the basic structure of the piece. We will look at using articulation to match with the text and placing breaths to delineate phrases. There will be tools to help you understand complex rhythms so that they flow confidently out of your instrument. Pieces can come from any era and will be chosen with consideration of the number and capabilities of class members. Participants are encouraged to bring music they are personally interested in.

Second Hour Classes

Classes offered will depend on interest of the membership.


Marian Henry

Learn to play music by composers others have never heard of. Music will span the centuries from about 1200, when polyphony was being invented, to about 1500, when the Renaissance was being invented. We will play from modern transcription, not original notation. Suitable for all levels -- but you may have to practice, maybe a lot, between meetings.


Neil Seely

There are many duets for recorders that have been composed in the last 600 years. Learning the variety of style required to play them enhances the enjoyment of performing these pieces. We will cover after Renaissance duets, some great Baroque dust and a selection of 20th century duets.


DeeDee Heyer and Stan Gross

We have a treasure trove of music just sitting in our chapter’s library waiting to be played. Let’s dust off a few. We will have the flexibility to do some sight reading or finding a piece that we want to really work on to make musically beautiful.

Additional Playing Opportunities


Pat Hanley, Liz Seely

We will be offering Sight Reading Class on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, opposite the regular chapter meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays. Note that there is no Sight Reading class on fifth Tuesdays unless otherwise notified.

The Outreach Players will sometimes rehearse in this time slot to prepare for their community performances at farmer's markets, nursing homes and schools. Please talk with Liz if you are interested in joining this group.



Many of our players have formed consorts and other small groups who play together. If you are looking for more playing opportunities, just ask!